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Diary of a mad half-black woman.

What Would Jarvis Do?

chunk master mex
8 March 1983
hi there. i'm just some chick with glasses who listens to music. i pay bills and feel all grown up since i had my heart broken once. that be it, really.

i also use the word "crunk" a lot, assigning a different meaning to it each time.
!!!, 3 colours red, against tomorrow's sky, albert demeo, alex james, animal crossing, apollo sunshine, aqua teen hunger force, ash, badly drawn boy, beastie boys, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, black black ocean, black rebel motorcycle club, blur, boys, brian slade, brit-pop, carlos d, chappelle's show, chin up chin up, chipotle, chris farley, citizen bird, clerks, coldplay, colin quinn, colonial excess, colorado springs, comedy central, damon albarn, dane cook, daria, dave attell, dave rowntree, dexter's laboratory, doves, ed edd & eddy, enon, eyes caught fire, franz ferdinand, gomez, gorillaz, gorky's zygotic mynci, graham coxon, grandaddy, harrison bergeron, harvest moon, hayden, hot hot heat, ibook, idlewild, ima robot, insomniac, interpol, irvine welsh, j spaceman, james dean, jarvis cocker, jet, jim gaffigan, john hughes, joy division, jurassic park, kevin smith, king adora, king biscuit time, leechpit, little brother, longpigs, longwave, macs, mariokart, menswear, mogwai, morrissey, movies, muse, my bloody valentine, new order, nick hornby, nintendo, office space, outkast, pablo francisco, pavement, pete yorn, phantom planet, pikes perk, prettywitty.com, primal scream, pulp, radiohead, reading, robert de niro, rooftop suicide club, rooney, shows, silversuit, south park, spiritualized, spongebob squarepants, stand-up, starlight mints, stephanie j, stereolab, stereophonics, suede, super furry animals, super mario, supergrass, the beta band, the bluetones, the charlatans uk, the coral, the datsuns, the fever, the hives, the human league, the libertines, the natural history, the pretty weapons, the sandlot, the service group, the simpsons, the six parts seven, the smiths, the sounds, the state, the streets, the strokes, the verve, the vines, the walkmen, the white stripes, these bones, thursday, tom papa, tough crowd, trainspotting, travis, uccs, uncle buck, velvet goldmine, voices underwater, welsh rock, wes anderson, yeah yeah yeahs